Save Them All

World’s first rhino poaching feature film links with charity.

THE war on rhino poachers has a new action hero and that eco-action hero, Bloodline’s Gabriel, is already working with a real charity.

Bloodline has linked with The Now or Never African Wildlife Trust committing some of the proceeds from the film and a series of special private charity screenings to help fight the real war on poaching.

Fictional hero Gabriel has begun to help educate rural populations in South Africa about the effects of poaching on their communities. The film’s producer, writer and star, Tariku Bogale, travelled as Gabriel to two schools in Limpopo Province with The Now or Never African Wildlife Trust and their founders Youth 4 African Wildlife in to help with the conservation and education work of the Unearth Experience.

The work of the Now or Never African Wildlife Trust is at the heart of the war on poaching in South Africa.

The new charity combines the work of several amazing organisations including The Rhino Orphanage, Saving the Survivors, Care For Wild, Youth 4 African Wildlife and the Tsavo Trust with the simple mission to SAVE THEM ALL….to save every elephant and rhino orphaned.

Have a look at their amazing work here…….