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Can I show the film at my school or college?

You can purchase a legal DVD or Blu-Ray and then you may present it at your institution for educational purposes only to an audience consisting primarily of students and instructors at no charge to the audience. If you are planning any other use, or wish to charge an admission fee, or would like your institution to have access to a digital version for single or multiple viewings, you will need to get a license. To obtain a license for your educational board or territory, contact peterich106@gmail.com

Is Tariku Bogale available for interviews or speaking engagements?

Very possibly. For all inquiries please contact peterich106@gmail.com

Why did Tariku choose Now or Never African Wildlife Trust as the charity of the film?

Well as Bloodline Now or Never and the charity have the same name and the same aims and objectives it was a natural choice. Also, part of the film was shot on location at The Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo and The rhino Orphanage is one of the founding members of the charity.

Was the rhino which has its horn cut off in the film a real rhino?

No – it was a very realistic model. Have a look at the Press section (LINK TO FOLLOW) to see how those scenes were filmed.

Was the filming all done in South Africa?

Yes, Bloodline was filmed exclusively on location in South Africa.

How much money will be donated to charity from the film?

A commitment has been made to donate 10% of net revenues globally – which could amount to a very great deal of money. All the money raised will go to the Now or Never African Wildlife Trust to help their work saving rhino and elephant.

Where can I see or buy the film?

Fill in your details in our Sign-Up section and we will let you know all the release information