Bloodline’s star Tariku Bogale is helping to educate the young people of South Africa about the importance of conservation and in particular the importance of saving rhino and elephants.

Working with the Unearth Experience and Youth 4 African Wildlife on an amazing project in Limpopo Province, Tariku has visited two schools, Masaisia and Makhetu, which have been adopted by the film.

An essay writing competition was launched with the grade 11 and 12 pupils writing about why conservation is important, It was launched at the end of March 2016 with six winners due to win a safari experience with the character Gabriel himself!!

The competition will be expanded over the course of 2107.

Eco-action hero Gabriel visited two schools on the edge of the Kruger Nation Park to help inspire the pupils to help with conservation and become conservation ambassadors… how they reacted here….


Unearth is a conservation and empowerment company with a mission to create an extensive conservation footprint by developing self-sufficient rural economies built on ecotourism and efficient land reform.

Unearth Outreach:

Unearth Outreach is a non-profit organization facilitating the creation of sustainable development initiatives in partnership with the local people who own the land. Our mandate covers initiatives associated with the following broad categories:

–       Social development

–       Maintenance of reserve ecology

–       Security of community-owned wilderness assets

–       Conservation and ecological research

–       Veterinary services and animal rehabilitation

The model aims to harness human and environment potential to create dynamic self-sufficient economies that will drive land reform and job creation based on the leading economic drivers in the rural area.

Unearth Experience:

Unearth Experience is a bespoke luxury travel company which specializes in hand-crafting itineraries to experience the true essence of Africa.

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